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Who  can do this?


what's your first thought?

(Hover or Tap)

Who does that anymore?

People dance all over the world. You'll find dances all over on just about any day!

Isn't it just for older people?

Young and old alike, people of all ages and cultures are Square Dancing now!

What if I can't dance?

No fancy footwork required, just walk and listen to the caller's cues.

Didn't we have to do it in school?

Now you choose to do it, because it's so much fun and just brings you joy!

Isn't it all just Country Western music?

Not anymore! The music now spans all different genres, including rock-n-roll!

Won't I be embarrassed?

Dancing with this many people, you'll be having too much fun to even notice!


"This helped me get my daughter back. It broke down barriers we had been dealing with, and allowed us to have fun again.

—  Tammy and Kayla W.

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