Why  should i try it?

... the real question is Why Not? 

Some Good Reasons...


There's no experience or skill required

It's one of the most affordable activities you'll find

​​​​Opportunities to meet and interact with new people

All forms of dancing are endorsed by the medical community

...Better reasons

It's an excellent way to reduce daily stress

​​Get your whole body moving instead of just your thumbs

​​​​Modern American Square Dancing is great for the body, mind, and SOUL

Dancing restores the human interaction we are losing through social media

A thought on why people don't have hobbies

More and more Americans say “they have no hobbies,” said Tim Wu.  Part of the reason is that “we are all so very busy,” but the deeper reason is the growing expectation that “we must be skilled at what we do in our free time”—that everything in this “intensely public, performative age” reflects on your identity. “If you’re a jogger, it is no longer enough to cruise around the block; you’re training for the marathon.”  If you paint or write or play the guitar or do carpentry, you better be good enough at it to display your skills publicly. This is a terrible shame. There is a pure, childlike delight in learning something new, without the burden of excellence or self-judgment. “What if you decide in your 40s, as I have, that you want to learn to surf?” Or to learn to speak Italian in your 60s? Even becoming minimally competent is highly rewarding. Our affluent, technological era is supposed to free us from the struggle just to survive, so that we have time to pursue “purpose, joy, and contentment.” Why cheat ourselves out of one of life’s greatest rewards—doing something that “you merely, but truly, enjoy”?

Tim Wu, The New York Times  (Full Article)


Life's too short!

You work hard, and deserve to have a good time. 

This could be your chance to get out of the house, 

meet fun new people, and maybe strike up a new hobby!

Leave your cares at the door... Have the time of your life...

Try Dancing Now!