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Like everything else worth doing in life, it takes practice!  The purpose of lessons is not to learn fancy footwork or dance steps, but to learn the "calls" that the square dance "Caller" uses to instruct dancers what patterns to follow, you could almost call it pattern dancing!  Guys like it because it feels more like problem solving.

Most lessons start each year in September, some clubs have secondary lesson schedules, and others accept new students anytime! They usually run on a weekly basis and can run 12 or more weeks. Cost is minimal, some are free!

Come alone, with a partner or even a group, all are welcome! There will be other experienced dancers dancing with you in "Squares" of 8 people.  It is recommended to wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes, also arrive a little early if possible. Most lessons have complimentary food and/or refreshments also!

Clicking below will take you to a calendar of events where you can view the events going on around you listed by City & State. Find the one you want to go to and click to get more details and a map link to help you find it!

If you have additional questions or comments, click on the "Contact" link below!

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